TransGlo™ Transfers

TransGlo™ is a retro-reflective safety transfer that makes people be seen in the dark. Great for fire, police, EMT's or runners. TransGlo™ is manufactured to be applied onto difficult materials from nylon jackets and running vests to canvas bags, t-shirts or sweatshirts. There are over 25 reflective colors available. The lighter the color used, the better it reflects. White, Mt. Silver and Mt. Gold are the highest reflective colors. TransGlo™ has been used for over 20 years by major textile manufacturers.

NOTE: Multi-colored requires an overall background color which may be made of the lightest color in your design.

CAUTION: Test TransGlo™ samples for both application and washability prior to ordering. This product works well on most fabrics. Water-repellency and other fabric treatments vary by manufacturer and may also vary from one order to the next of the same item. Test application onto the garment is highly recommended before an order is placed to make sure the results are satisfactory. A little extra time will be needed to make sure you have the correct heat and pressure settings.

Application Instructions: 325-350°, preheat garments 5-10 seconds. Press 2-3 seconds, remove paper backing. RESEAL 10 seconds with a Teflon cover sheet or some other type release coated sheet.


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