Electronic Art Requirements

Electronic files, like camera ready, can eliminate many of the art preparation charges. We would be happy to accept
your computerized art and have designed the following guidelines that will help us serve you faster and better.

  1. Artwork should be saved in CorelDraw (vector graphic file), version x7 or older, and formatted with a .cdr extension.
    Vector graphics are made up of lines and curves that can be filled or stroked with color. Vectors contain no pixels as in bitmapped graphics. Other acceptable file extensions are: .ai, .pdf, .eps, and .jpeg. Bitmaps are not accepted, unless single color, 100% to size, and saved in one of the following formats: .eps, .tif, .pdf, or .pcx.
  2. Please use artistic text (no paragraph text), and then convert the text to curves to ensure there are no font or printing conflicts.
  3. If the file contains multiple colors, please make sure that all colors are "spot" (pantone) colors*.

    * Individual process colors may be used if they are assigned as separate individual colors. Example: Objects filled with 100% cyan are acceptable, but objects filled with green (100% cyan and 100% yellow) are not acceptable.
  4. When using spot colors, please use the following postscript options for the .cdr file:

    Postscript Type = Dot
    Frequency = 20 dots per inch
    Angle = 30°

    When using the color white as a backing ink color, use Pantone Transparent White from the spot colors list.
  5. Please make sure that all drawn objects assigned a color fill are designated as closed paths. All outlines assigned to a drawn object should be no less than 2 points (1/32”) (We recommend 4 points or 1/16”) and all outlines should be check marked for "scale with image".
  6. Please send or fax a printed copy of the art. This will ensure that the electronic file will produce a transfer that is exactly as expected. In the event of a problem or question with the electronic file, please include the name of a contact person and their phone number or e-mail address.
  7. You may send the graphic file on a cd via mail or electronically as an attachment to an e-mail message. If you send your order via e-mail be sure to include your company name, address, phone number, garment type and color, size and quantity of transfers, and the number of colors. Please send e-mail to: qtart@quicktrans.net
    8. Please
  8. Please make sure that all files are virus free prior to sending.
  9. Varying from the above guidelines many result in necessary changes to the art file and delays. Additional art charges may be assessed if changes are necessary. You will be contacted about the changes before your order is entered into production.


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